Zoom Lecture for CGS Members: No-dig Gardening by Russell Attwood

A keen gardener for nearly 50 years, Russell’s academic background is in crop science and he recently retired from being a school teacher. He taught biology for 39 years and enjoyed singing to his classes about pumpkins.

Russell tends his allotment in Kettering where he grows the usual fruit and vegetables. He is (in)famous for growing lots of pumpkins and squashes, and regularly gives talks about them and no-dig gardening.

No-dig does not equate to no effort but when practised his way, there is no need to water and much less weeding to do so it is very worthwhile.

No-dig also conserves soil and increases its store of carbon, which helps to reduce climate change.

A link to this Zoom lecture will be emailed to CGS members in advance.

Date: 23 March 2023Time: @ 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM Europe/LondonCategory: | CGS Event

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