Andrew Leslie

It is with great sadness that we must report that our President, Andrew Leslie, died suddenly on Saturday 23rd December.

To say that Andrew was a stalwart of the Cornwall Garden Society is an understatement. He was the Cornwall Garden Society.

He had loyally served the Society for more than 20 years – as President, Trustee, Chairman and Show Committee Chairman – and was the guiding light of our Spring Flower Show.

Andrew was also a loyal friend who engendered our utmost respect.

His passion for horticulture, wise counsel and joie de vivre inspired all who encountered him, and he adroitly navigated the CGS through many important developments, determined that the Society would thrive.

We shall miss him deeply, remember him fondly and honour his legacy by ensuring the continuing success of the CGS.

In the meantime, we convey our heartfelt condolences to Andrew’s wife and family, and pay our respects to a man we have much to thank for and hold dear in our hearts.

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  1. Jaime Wilson

    I stayed with Andrew & Nessa Leslie at Ethy House and it was so full of guests that I slept in the library television room on the sofa. I continued drinking and watching the TV and was in the kitchen pouring myself another delicious brandy when I saw Andrew silently walk down the stairs and close the library’s door and turn towards the kitchen where I was watching him from.
    I edged into the dinning room and avoided him but what was so remarkably memorable was his full cheerful smile he had on his face as if he was pleased that he had isolated me from the rest of the house waking up so I could continue enjoying myself undisturbed, which I did. Thank you Andrew, you are much loved and will be missed tonnes xoxo


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