Cornwall Garden Society - Data Protection Policy

  1. The Cornwall Garden Society (CGS) keeps data relating to its members: and to suppliers of goods and services. Such data is kept in digital form and/or in paper records.
  2. The CGS designated Data Controller is the CGS Treasurer.
  3. Data relating to members of CGS
    The Membership Secretary is responsible for processing and maintaining accurate data relating to members of CGS.
  4. Data relating to members of CGS includes names and addresses, email addresses and bank details. Such data is collected at commencement of membership and will be deleted when membership ends. Such data is used solely for communications to members, and for the processing of annual subscriptions.
  5. Data relating to members will be kept in password protected computers under the control of the Data Controller, and/or the Membership Secretary and/or in the form of paper records stored in locked premises when not in use.
  6. A member is entitled to full details of data stored in relation to him or her on request to the Membership Secretary. The Membership Secretary will respond to such requests within 21 days.
  7. Data relating to suppliers of goods and services
    Data relating to suppliers of goods and services will be processed by the member of the CGS executive committee responsible for the relevant CGS activity or aspect of the CGS administration. Thus, by way of example, the CGS Show Director is responsible for processing data relating to suppliers of goods and services for the annual CGS Spring Flower Show. Details of the relevant member of the CGS Executive Committee will be provided on application to the Honorary Secretary.
  8. Data relating to suppliers of goods and services will be used solely for obtaining quotations from or contracting with such suppliers. It will be deleted either when such goods or services are no longer required from such supplier, or when the supplier no longer provides such goods or services.
  9. Data relating to suppliers of goods and services is kept either in computers that are password protected and/or in the form of paper records stored in locked premises when not in use.
  10. Suppliers of goods and services are entitled to full details of data stored in relation to them on request. Such requests should be directed to the Honorary Secretary who will respond to the request within 21 days.
  11. The Data Controller is responsible for reporting any breach of the GDPR to the ICO and the Charity Commission.

Member's Gardens

Members' Gardens

Our members have some truly beautiful and interesting gardens. Take a look to see some of the wonderful things growing.

Become a Member

You can take out CGS membership as an individual or as a family and there are lots of benefits.

Upcoming Events

  • Lecture -Saul Walker – Stonelands House: A Year in the Life of this Wonderful Secret Garden

    Saul Walker fell in love with gardening as a result of his grandparents’ passion for visiting historic houses and gardens. 

    After a brief spell as an archaeologist, he trained as a gardener for the National Trust at Antony House in Cornwall. 

    After completing the Kew Diploma in Botanical Horticulture, Saul travelled to Australia, Southern Spain and the French Riviera to study and work in internationally-renowned gardens. 

    Following that, he became Show Manager for RHS Chelsea. 

    Unable to resist the call back to his native Devon, Saul was appointed Head Gardener of Stonelands House. His special interest is in woodland gardens

    Join Saul for this lecture via Zoom on Tuesday 9th February at 7:30pm.

  • Lecture - Juliet Sargeant – Modern Slavery Garden

    Juliet’s previous career in medicine informs her unique approach to designing gardens and communicating the importance of landscape to our wellbeing. She believes that access to good quality green space is a priority for healthy living and happy communities, especially in cities.

    In 2016, Juliet designed the Modern Slavery Garden for RHS Chelsea – its first social campaign garden – for which she was awarded a Gold Medal and the People’s Choice Prize.

    Fellowships of The Society of Garden Designers and The Landscape Institute followed in 2017 and 2020.

    Juliet has been celebrated as a role model in the BAME community at the GG2 Leadership Awards and presents on BBC Gardeners’ World and Channel 4’s Village of the Year.

    At her Sussex Garden School, she teaches design and planting to gardening enthusiasts.

    Join Juliet on Zoom on Tuesday 9th March at 7:30pm